Carol Dweck & Mindsets

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The link below is a NY magazine article on Carol Dweck’s decade of research on praise & feedback:

Her mantra is basically ‘praise effort, not intelligence’ which is linked to either a fixed (natural talent) or growth (if I work hard I can improve) mindset .  Here’s a little visual  to give you more of an understanding:


If you enjoy this read check out her book ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’ or her website

It is a very simple idea that can have a massive effect on student success in the classroom, on the playing field & in life in general!  I think these findings should be shared explicitly with all parents & students at the earliest possible opportunity!

Make your resolution to start 2012 with a  growth mindset!


4 Responses to Carol Dweck & Mindsets

  1. This is well documented in Matthew Syed’s “Bounce”, which is a great avenue to these resources as a starting point I have found mate.

    • ‘Bounce’ is a great read Jonny. You also might want to check out:

      ‘Talent Is Overrrated’ by Geoff Colvin which talks in more detail about deliberate practice & the 10 000 hour rule as researched by K Anders Ericsson who is based at Florida State University in the USA

      ‘The Talent Code’ by Daniel Coyle who is based in Alaska. Similar detail from a slightly different viewpoint. Talks about deep practice and how it thickens the myelin which quickens the transfer of information / stimulii to help create world class performers

      ‘Outliers: The Story of success’ by Malcolm Gladwell. He talks about various reasons why some people find success from Ice Hockey players (The ‘Matthew Effect’) to The Beatles, to South Korean pilots & more

      Hope you’ve not read all of these? Any other books you’d recommend pal?

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