Top 7 TED talks & Zoe Elder (@fullonlearning)

If you’re not aware of already, here’s you’re chance to discover some thought provoking talks in a variety of fields.  The talks are a maximium of 17/18 minutes long, shorter than the average US sitcom.  So if it’s a choice between the dire Two & a half men or a TED talk, please choose the latter & learn something new!

Here are my favourites:

The popular Sir Ken Robinson x 2:  ‘Do schools kill creativity?’ and his follow up ‘Bring on the learning revolution!’

Sugata Mitra: A child driven education

Dan Pink: The surprising science of motivation

Tim Brown: Creativity & Play

Stefan Sagmeister:  The power of time off

Hans Rosling: The best stats you’ve ever seen

Watch them all in one go, watch them one at a time, watch them whenever!  Any other TED talks you think might inspire please let me know and i’ll get them up here!

Finally, if you like the above check out Zoe Elder’s (@fullonlearning) TEDucation site for more great talks on TED (here’s the link: TEDucation).  I wrote a guest blog for Zoe a few months back for Hans Rosling’s talk mentioned above


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