How to get information to stick?

A couple of ideas (1 stolen from a colleague’s wife) to help students summarise and review topics in the classroom.  I have found both ideas are successful in getting students to prioritise key words and information to spark their deeper understanding (hopefully!)

Twitter Review (Huw’s wife’s idea!)

Summarise a topic using exactly 140 characters = Tweet limit (including full stops, commas, spaces etc..).  Really gets the kids to focus on the vital information.

6 Word summary

Summarise the main theme / idea of a topic in 6 words exactly.  This is harder than you think!

I got my A2 PE students to do a 6 word memoir first as an ice breaker – summarising their life so far in 6 words.  They then used 6 word summaries for the 3 stages of Athleticism in 19th century Public Schools.

Legend has it Hemingway was challenged to tell a story in 6 words exactly and he came up with:

‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn’

 This idea has came from a book on 6 word memoirs titled ‘Not Quite What I Was Planning’ & here’s their You Tube clip together with a catchy song throughout.  Any idea on who sang this song?? A number of American schools have uploaded their version of this on You Tube also.  Give it a go, you’ll be surprised what creative summaries the students can generate!


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