The J Mac Story: A story to stir the soul!

The New Year is normally associated with the depressing January ‘blues’.  No money, slightly chubby after gorging on chocolate, pigs in blankets and alcohol over Christmas and breaking you new year’s resolution by January 4th!!


But don’t worry, Jason McElwain, a student in Rochester, NY is here to show you anything is possible.

J – Mac, as he is known to friends, who is diagnosed with autism, has never let the condition effect his enthusiasm and love of basketball and life in general.  At his school, Greece Athena High, he was never quite good enough to make the team, however  Coach Jim Johnson, recognising Jason’s enthusiasm, appointed him as team manager.

Jason only missed 1 training for his team, helping set up practices for Coach Johnson and looking after the players.  Then, on one famed night on February 15th 2006, Coach Johnson decided to put Jason into a game for the last 5 minutes when the team was leading by clear a 20 points..

The rest, as they say, is history!

I won’t ruin the story for you, just watch the clip below and be amazed! If this story does not water your eyes or make you deliriously happy you are not human!!  Are you ready to be inspired?

I feel Hollywood calling….. Enjoy!


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