An update on Innovation Day…

A week or so ago I blogged about the Innovation Day I was setting up at school to allow the kids the equivalent of Google 20% time in school.  This is an opportunity for students to control how they  learn, what they learn and who they want to learn with; indeed, it is a chance for them to follow their ‘spark’, passions and interests for an entire school day.

You can find the original post here: Original Innovation Day Post

Also, after discovering my post, AJ Juliani (@ajjuliani), who helps run the American education site Education Is My Life , asked me if I would like to re-post it on the website.  I obviously bit his hand off for the opportunity to reach a wider, international audience…

The re-post can be found here: Education Is My Life: What can schools learn from Google……Innovation Day

Now I have delivered the four house assemblies to promote the day I have been waiting nervously to see what response the idea would get from the students…. Luckily, early indicators suggest they are both willing to apply and are passionate about a diverse range of things.  I would like to share with you a few of the applications we have received so far.  It is fair to say we are extremely pleased with the quality of applications and the ideas generated so far…and the students still have 2 more weeks to apply!!

In my humble opinion, it confirms that giving students autonomy, a chance to master skills and finding ways to connect their work to a wider world excites and engages them in deep and purposeful learning which surely is the primary objective of education.

Here are a few tasters of the applications we have had so far:

1.  Research on the history of the Commonwealth Games with a particular focus on Glasgow 2014

2.  Singing:  Creating backing tracks & lyrics to boost confidence in public singing

3.  Filming art classes and researching the different techniques used in art

4.  Designing and building a R/C car

5.  Creating a ‘How to’ cookery video entitled ‘Come Cook With Me’

6.  Building a model rocket!

A broad range of ‘sparks’ and passions I’m sure you’ll agree!  Our next challenge, as a school, is ensuring we (school & students) can work collectively to provide the necessary resources for the projects.

These are very exciting times at Wilmslow High School!! Watch this space for more updates….


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