New OFSTED tips via @paulginnis

These are direct quotes from tweets made by Paul Ginnis (@paulginnis), author of the ‘Teacher’s Toolkit’; if you have not used this book there will definitely be some teaching and learning guru in your school who has a copy.  It’s a great book to dip in and out for creative ways to engage kids in the classroom.

So here we go:

‘I discussed current inspections with a trustworthy inspector & HMI today. Very encouraging – much less rigid about lessons than I thought’

‘I asked the HMI what he most looked for in a lesson. He said ‘independent learning’ is top of the list. There’s too much spoon-feeding’

(Basically, make them think and think hard with opportunities to discover things for themselves)

 ‘HMI said ‘next is differentiation, which takes many forms. We are looking at the quality of individuals’ learning’

HMI also said lessons that just inch towards NC levels or exam targets will only be good. Outstanding involves a love of learning

‘Learning outcomes need to be clarified at some point, when it’s apropriate. I like it when the students can tell the teacher what they are’

‘The HMI said he starts to get twitchy if the teacher is still talking after 10 minutes into the lesson’.

‘The inspector & HMI stressed that observed lesson segments will be viewed in the context of overall planning and longer term pupil progess’

‘They confirmed that pupil engagement is the key & that plenaries are by no means the only way to make progress explicit

‘The HMI said some lessons contain too much assessment & not enough learning’

Hopefully this is useful information to have and can inform our future planning and delivery of ridiculously outstanding lessons (just like we do on a daily basis anyway!)





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