Why do you write a blog?

I have been trying to summarise my thoughts on this question for a few months now.  I have written, re-written, deleted and re-written this post on at least 4 occasions but now, having just read a passage in Seth Godin’s ‘Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?’, I am ready to finally commit my thoughts to the question.  Well, not my thoughts exactly, but Seth’s, as he seems to have read my mind for the umpteenth time in his book.

So this is why, whether my posts are good, incompetent or somewhere inbetween, I write a blog.  Cheers Seth.

”I don’t write my blog to get anything from you in exchange.  I write it because giving my small gift to the community in the form of writing makes me feel good.  I enjoy it that you enjoy it (hopefully).  When that gift comes back to me, one day, in an unexpected way, I enjoy the work I did twice as much” 

I hope you all of you feel the same way when you blog.


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