I am a PE teacher in a large state secondary school in Cheshire, England where I am also the whole school teaching and learning co-ordinator.  I’m moving into my sixth year of teaching and I am fully committed to accumulating, generating and circulating outstanding learning opportunities for all in whatever form suits the individual needs of my students.

My straightforward teaching philosophy is:

ENGAGING + (through) EXCTING (learning opportunities) + ENCOURAGEMENT = (students) EXCELLING

My personal motto is: ‘Be curious, question everything’

And finally, one question I try to ask myself every night in order to continually improve and progress:

‘Was I better today than yesterday?’

Please enjoy my blog and feedback is always welcome.




5 Responses to About

  1. peter kennedy says:

    Matt….hi there….happy new year to you ….Ian forwarded me this site to see his comments(wonder where he gets the wisdom from?).
    Like the challenge inherent in the title of the blog and it certainly made me think.
    Just a thought….you may already access the TED website(Ken Robinson has been on in the past)….if not I’d recommend it as a way into some really creative and zany people and their research.
    Keep up the good work…..do hope you get lots of interest in this blog and new thinking.
    PS…just wondering if rugby players get homework after training sessions which they can then demonstrate during the next game?
    PPS….I remember one of the things we used to do with business groups during residential workshops, when we needed them to do some overnight prep for the following day…in order to make it more fun we used to call these…’homeplays’….we had some good feedback that suggested that this tweak in the language helped reduce the baggage associated with ‘homework’…..

    • He must certainly get the wisdom from you Peter! Although to follow The Beagles home and away may not be the wisest thing to do…

      I’m a big fan of TED, indeed it seems we are bother TEDsters! I have a blog post on my Top 7 TED talks which you can find here:

      If you have any more suggestions for TEDtalks that may be worth a watch let me know on here and I’ll put them up on the blog (with your name oon of course..)

      ‘Homeplays’, on initial thoughts, is a great change in language, which has the potential to change the students’ perception of homework. I’ll certainly take this to our Deputy Head who is in overall charge of our curriculum. However, I think that actual homework content, style (if that’s the right word) & organisation needs to revolutionised otherwise ‘Homeplays’ could be just a superficial alteration that kids will see through immediately. As mentioned in my most recent post, ‘an idea is inly as good as it’s execution’.

      With regards to homework for rugby players – I certainly go away and think about my role in the next game (visualisation etc). I think it helps that I coach the 1st XV at school too. When I watch a rugby match at home now (and thanks to Sky +) I never watch it without pausing, rewinding & making notes to jot down new ideas on movement in attack, support play, running angles, rucking technique, defensive organisation etc. I’d say I do this every every few minutes depending on the game. I tend to do it more when watching Australia & NZ, who always seem a step ahead in terms of new innovations in the game.

      Thanks for your comment & see you on Saturday!!


  2. peter kennedy says:


    Hi there….good win on Saturday…now for Macc!!

    I don’t seem to have received your e-mail reply…most probably my system?

    I mentioned other sites which made an impact….not in the same space as you but a guy called Tony Goodson has a wacky/innovative ‘ersonal’ site whcih uses various technologies…also tgtips which is a vehicle he used to use to sell his sales/marketing consultancy….google them both.

    have fun….


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