Brilliant Blogs & Websites

Inspirational bloggers:

Dan Pink  Al Gore’s former speech writer and author of one of my all time favourite books, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates us.

David Price’s blog on all things education.  Fascinating read

Learning Spy by David Didau.  Useful for SOLO taxonomy, mindsets, hexagonal learning…the list goes on and on

Full On Learning by Zoe Elder.  By Zoe’s book now – the bible of educational books (You could kill someone with it or stand on it to kiss a giant).  Should be the last thing you read before you sleep!

Tait Coles Home of Punk Learning and advocate of SOLO taxonomy

Pedagogical Purposes by Darren Mead.  You name it, he’s done it.  A library of experiences and ideas

Just Trying To Be Better by Kenny Pieper.  The thoughts of a great English teacher in sunny Scotland

Great Websites

1000 Awesome Things  Need a bit of a cheering up? This site will help you recognise and celebrate the small pleasures in life. AWESOME!

Dear Photograph  If I had a favourite website, this would probably be it.  Has anyone ever used this concept for a project in school? If not, you should get planning now.

Malcolm Gladwell  A thought provoking writer.  You can find the vast majority of his article for The New Yorker here also.

Please Enjoy  The inventive work of Ji Lee.  If you want to see unique design projects please explore this superb site.

Information is Beautiful  Ideas, knowledge and data visualized – stunning.  Again, ripe for use in the classroom.


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